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The core software design and development services provided by Barieq Tech include desktop application development, server application development, enterprise application, re-engineering, software systems maintenance and support. The Gate engineers have experience in Microsoft Visual C++ / C++ .NET / C# .NET, and other windows tools and technologies.

We have a team of technical consultants that can help you choose the right type of customized solution for your technical, operational, and financial requirements. Our team begins by defining and understanding your business process and gains an insight into your specific needs, providing you with an effective solution.

At Barieq Tech, we follow standardized software development processes that enable us to deliver any project on time, within budget and in high quality. Our applications development team has a performance optimization process that includes:
  • Bottlenecks Monitoring & Repair
  • Performance
  • Performance
  • Performance Engineering
  • Hardware Sizing & Capacity Planning
How to begin?
Based on your requirements our professional engineers will make a technical proposal
The estimation service is free & usually takes 2-5 business days.